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  1. So…What Happened?

    July 29, 2012 by caleb

    Many people have asked why we cancelled our show on the 28th, and we thought we would tell the tale while also using our (to this point) underutilized blog.   Here is the quick rundown:

    1.  Basically, there weren’t enough advance ticket sales.  If we had done the performance, we stood to lose an enormous (for us) amount of money and end up with a performance DVD in a mostly empty theater–which would have completely defeated the purpose of doing the performance in the first place.

    2.  Advance ticket sales seemed to be low for a number of reasons, the first of which was that people seemed unwilling to pay Ticketmaster fees.  We had tried to lighten the blow of the fees by reducing our base ticket price $7.00 from our last two shows, which basically offset the fees Ticketmaster charged.  In fact, if you bought a ticket to one of our previous two shows in downtown Minneapolis at the base price, the cost would have been within a dollar of the scheduled show’s final Ticketmaster price.  Essentially, we were paying the Ticketmaster fees out of our own pockets to try to get people to book in advance.  Obviously, it didn’t work. 

    We understand there is a great deal of ill will towards Ticketmaster, but we simply did not have the power or resources to circumvent them in this situation.   In the end, we learned that our fans may love us, but they do not love us enough to pay Ticketmaster, even when we essentially pick up the fees.  Lesson learned.

    3.  The second reason advance ticket sales seemed to be low was an issue with the ticketing system itself.  The event was General Admission, just like our last two shows.   Unfortunately, this meant two things.  First, it meant that the phrase “General Admission/Standing Room Only” appeared when purchasing tickets.  Many people interpreted this to mean the show was sold out, and did not purchase tickets as a result.  We received a great many messages to this effect, and we have no idea how many additional people thought the same thing and didn’t contact us.  The second thing the General Admission designation caused was the deactivation of the seat selection pull-down menu on the ticket purchase page, and many people took this to mean that either the show was sold out or the website was not functioning.  Again, we received complaints about this, and we have no idea how many people experienced the same thing and didn’t contact us.

    4.  When everything was said and done, we had a few days until the show, an enormous amount of impending expenses, and relatively few ticket sales.  We did the math, and even if four times as many people showed up as advanced tickets were sold, we would still be in a terrible situation for DVD audience size/sound and financial impact.  We decided to cut our losses and pull the plug.   As a result, we lost all the money and time we had invested in the project thus far, but we stood to lose much, much more if we went through with it. 

    In the end, we didn’t have much of a choice.  Hope this clears things up a bit.  Thank you to all the people who purchased tickets or simply made plans to come and were disappointed.  We apologize. 


  2. Blog!

    December 20, 2011 by caleb

    Greetings, Danger Committee fans!

    We have become deluded enough about our own importance that we feel it necessary to blog about what will undoubtedly be phenomenally stupid things.  This site will chronicle all things Dangerous, with some poor life choices thrown in to boot.  So, if you enjoy three idiots putting themselves in harm’s way to entertain the masses, you’ve come to the right place.

    Subscribe if you like, and be sure to check out our new website at the link on the menu above!

  3. A Stocking Full of Awesome at The Brave New Workshop ETC Theater!

    November 9, 2011 by admin

    A Stocking Full of Awesome! Show at the BNW ETC Theatre

    A Stocking Full of Awesome! Show at the BNW ETC Theatre

    They’ve appeared on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, E!’s Talk Soup, and multiple Las Vegas stages, and now they’re coming to the Twin Cities to bring you a Christmas you will never forget.

    After their hit show at the Minnesota Fringe Festival and another smash year at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, The Danger Committee presents the Christmas show that all other Christmas shows wish they could be. Hilarious comedy, amazing juggling and thrilling knife throwing combine to create a holiday extravaganza like none other in the Twin Cities.

    Enjoy the full bar in the brand new Brave New Workshop ETC Theatre (824 Hennepin Ave. Downtown Minneapolis) while The Danger Committee provides definite comedy and possible tragedy…just like Christmas! The show will feature some Danger Committee classics and brand spanking new material just in time (and in tune) for the holidays.